Have you ever argued over who gets to DJ on a party? Who’s got the best playlist?

Stop fighting over the AUX cable, use Que.

It is a website that you launch on your Mac/PC/Tablet and then plug in a speaker. Your guests can vote for the next song or suggest one from Apple Music by scanning a QR code.

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Hey PH, Que is a solution to the first-world problem of fighting with your friends over the AUX cord at parties. It is a website you launch on a desktop or iPad and use as a jukebox. Your friends can scan a QR code, add songs to the playlist by searching Apple Music or vote for the next track. You can check it out at https://que.bygeorgenet.me. (I am a 13 year old developer and I’m humbled to be featured on ProductHunt. I will love to hear your feedback and hope you guys won’t crash my pet project. Cheers!)
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I loved the idea of not voting FOR a track, but DOWNvoting a next one. It is hard to get everyone on board, but it is so much easier to decide that no, thanks, I don't want to hear "Despacito" again, not in at least next two years. This is smart.
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@bougakov This is actually the reason I made this button 😉
Wow-wow! Awesome, lad!
@alec_c4 thanks 😀
Love it! Really interesting application of MusicKit :)
@iamjustjs MusicKit is awesome! I was really impressed that Apple provides an API and even preferred text colors that would be best visible on album artwork. Great attention to detail!
Great idea and clean execution! Will use it for my forthcoming parties:)
@katya_yakounkina Thanks! If you find any bugs, you can tell about them here and I'll try to fix 'em