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This is very well done. Git Hunt is a similar site but solely focused on GitHub. What ultimately inspired you to build this, @medyo80?
The idea comes from the fact that I usually find some difficulties to share my new Dev tools since there is no perfect place for that, Even if the tool is so useful it ends up with less popularity. For that reason i decided to build an adequate platform where developers could promote their work and even discover what others did too. We're not only limited by Github projects but any other type of links is allowed (Bitbucket, Gitlab, Direct link...)
@medyo80 what did you use to build it? is it custom-built?
@sachagreif Yes it's a custom-built, we made Qudos from Scratch using Ruby on rails + some Js plugins to sexify the UI
Great job. Design is solid as well. Like the comment popup similar to PH.
Thanks @jadlimcaco, it was a mixture between Flat/Material Design and my secret sauce :) , I'll publish some assets on my Dribbble (MedyO80) in the coming days.
Looks nice, I've submitted a tool. One thing I've noticed that the login screen doesn't work very well on mobile.
@jbrooksuk Thanks for noticing that, we'll fix it as soon as possible. Have a good coding day !