A gamification platform for IT organizations

Quboo is a Gamification Platform that integrates with Sonarqube, your CI/CD tools and any other process to help you get rid of technical debt, improve releasing processes, write better documentation, etc. Use the existing game modes or create your own!
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Hello everyone! 🕹🚀 Today we're launching Quboo, a gamification platform focused on software development. Not every task in Software Development is fun. Sometimes you have to deal with legacy code. Those software pieces are often too old that nobody dares to change them, also because it's boring. Sometimes your team needs extra motivation to write technical docs. Unfortunately, not many people consider that task enjoyable. What about releasing software? If you're not lucky enough, you might have some release process that requires some tedious steps. Boring. Quboo brings gamification techniques to help you enjoy these tasks again. Compete with your colleagues while you get rid of technical debt, release code or write documentation. Do you also have some other boring processes that you'd love to gamify? Use the Quboo API to design and play your own game. You can create your free account today - https://quboo.io/ We'd love to get your feedback 😄