Interactive Game of Thrones map

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Awesome map. You can make similar maps of your own with our product - http://mapme.com/stories 🔥
I could spend days with these too.... trying to figure out wtf is going on ha - I love GoT but theres just SO much going on
@bentossell haha yeah true true. It's a whole universe. I would guess there will be sidetrack seasons in the foreseeable future. ;)
@bentossell with the wiki... is just like reading your favorite book.
I can spend days with these visualizations. Follow the book storyline and the series storyline. There's a spoiler control by the way ;)
I contacted the maker through his ancient contact form ;) http://www.sermountaingoat.co.uk...
Fatntastic! Absolutely love it!
The spoiler filter is the most humanistic thing ever :-D