Quarter Super Charge Powerbank

The first powerbank using the MagSafe for super charge

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I still can't believe that we need these extra power sources to get us through the day with an iphone battery! Intrigued to see what people think of this one in particular
@bentossell it's the 15 minute charge that wins me over, that'll be super handy to charge it up just before I leave home. My current charger takes what seems like an eternity!
@duellsy @bentossell True! Good selling point... I have a portable charger atm which is shaped like a cube so it is SO inconvenient to have in your pocket haha
@bentossell ha... genius design!
Hi, this is Mark from the Quarter team. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on product. This is truly for those who are on the road constantly and hunting for power ports all the time. We were on the road all the time when sourcing for this products and we wished we had it ready for ourselves. Thanks again and my teammates will join us soon
For early bird supporters - we're offering 200 engraved Quarter Powerbanks for US$50 (incl shipping) - there's still some available.
It looks nice –and the magsafe connection is a nice addition–. It says that the 15 minutes of charging will give it enough juice to charge an iPhone 5S. How long for an iPhone 6S? How much mAh does it hold?
@tukeke It takes 15 mins to get the powerbank half full ( it holds 5000mAh ) . It charges the iPhone 6S at 5v 1.24A.
thank you for those of you who supported us. please feel free to contact us here or email us using the info above