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QuarantineFiction is a new initiative aiming at reducing lockdown stress and anxiety with the help of writing. Write a story, share with your friends and support a good cause of helping children who have been affected by COVID-19.
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📚 Greetings Product Hunters! I’m Areg, Co-Founder of ForgeFiction, the platform behind #QuarantineFiction. We’re happy to present you our new initiative, dedicated to reducing the anxiety caused by the lockdown with the help of story writing. All of us have wonderful stories, and for many, writing has always been a great way for overcoming stress. This is why we created a place where people under lockdown can write and share their stories, read about the thoughts of others, and socialize through writing during this time of isolation. All stories are welcome, whether it is a memoir or a fictional piece. The best stories will be selected and compiled into a unique book written by many creative people under lockdown from all over the world. The book will be available worldwide and all the proceeds will be donated to “Save the Children” organization to assist them in helping children who’ve lost their caregivers because of the pandemic. Would be great to know your thoughts and feedback in the comments. If you have any questions about QuarantineFiction, we will be happy to answer them. P.S. here are a couple of stories to check out Dormant, Isolation Thoughts
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I have some writer friends, and I know that it can be surprising how important the editing of the manuscript is. Are the writers of the stories responsible for this, or will you do this part?
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@anna_marie_claire Hi, thanks for the good question. We are taking care of the editing and publishing, both in case of QuarantineFiction and other books from ForgeFiction.
Really nice initiative @aregarm - I can see this product being great for the mental health and wellbeing of a lot of people at this time! Great job!
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@edward_thomas2 Thank you for kind words Edward!
Should the stories be for children?
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@tony_mitchell While the proceeds will be directed to help children in need, the audience of the book itself are not children.
That sounds great, mostly for people who want to start writing something, who are willing to create something. ForgeFiction can be a a running start :)
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