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Hi everyone. It's great to be featured here! Thanks to Alan for the original post. We're building QuantifiedDev.org as an open source platform for logging anything about your software dev activity. We hope that it will enable interesting and useful observations about your development life and in due course help with productivity and teamworking. It's intended to empower developers with visualizations of their own data and the ability to discover patterns and correlations. Your data remains private unless you choose to share it. We're just getting started and we'd love to hear any feedback and suggestions. We'd also love contributions to hook it up with different dev tools so please get in touch! Martin
@strttn any tips on writing a Visual Studio plugin? I'm going to be building one for https://wakatime.com/ in the future. Also, you should check out the open-source WakaTime plugins at https://github.com/wakatime.
@alanhamlett We didn't go too deep into VS so I can't tell you too much. The good thing is that there's loads of documentation and really good apis to hook into. The trickier bit is getting it to work with 2010, 2012 and 2013, which are all slightly different. Thanks for the heads up on your plugins they look great. Great job on wakatime. I really like the visualizations that you've done.
@strttn - This is great. It's what @tenXer started out to be before we started to focus on the org. It would be awesome to get the community at large to build on the early work that @LMaccherone has done at Rally. If you didn't see his slides from Agile 2014, you should check them out -> http://www.slideshare.net/lmacch... Have you by chance seen @Codealike?
@jpatil - Hi JP thanks for your comments. I'm really glad you like the idea. Thanks for bringing @LMaccherone to my attention. That Slideshare is fascinating. I'll definitely get in touch with him. Yes, I've seen Codealike. They've got some cool features and in many ways it's a similar proposition. I think we're probably more interested in building an open product that people can contribute to and use without restrictions. @tenXer looks really interesting too. Maybe in the future we'll be able to cross link the data.