Automated code repair for Python

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Hi! I'm Christoph, one of the co-founders of QuantifiedCode. We've built the first platform that automatically fixes issues in code, instead of just reporting them. We integrate with Git(hub) workflows and enable your development team to continuously monitor your source code for potential issues and quality problems. Whenever we detect potential for improvement, we notify. If available, our code quality bot Cody delivers you an automated refactoring to fix the issue automatically. Our Features include: - Automated refactoring - 200+ Python code quality checks - Framework checks for Django, Flask, etc. - GitHub Pull Request integration - Code check editor for custom checks - 3D software maps - Knowledge Base - Incremental analysis for fast builds - Email and Slack notifications - and more Compared to traditional static analysis tools, we use a novel, data-driven approach to code analysis. This enables us to deliver better code checks, to create checks with simple SQL-like queries, to rewrite code, and more. We are free for Open Source project and have a 14-day trial. Check us out. Looking forward to hear your feedback.
Great to see you on ProductHunt guys. Great product. Keep automating ;)
A great problem to solve! Can't wait until our stack is also supported. Any plans for PHP and Javascript?
@florianplenge thanks. Yes, further languages are on the roadmap! If you like, we'll keep you posted if Javascript and PHP are available.
Hey! Check out QuantifiedCode and their code quality bot Cody. They are the first platform that actually fixes issues, instead of just reporting them. I think this is really awesome and also their code review is the most thorough I've seen for Python so far! Great job guys!
@mibel86 Thanks for hunting us and your feedback! Great to hear you like us! :)