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todd balsleyMaker@toddba · Happiness at Buffer
Hey @toddba here, one of the makers of Quantified. Thanks for checking us out! If you have any questions about the app or why we made it, feel free to ask! We'll be in the comments all day! :D If you want to direct message me (todd at forestgiant dot com)
Julian Lehr@lehrjulian · Working on something new. Xoogler.
Sweet! I've been looking for something like this for ages! Any plans on releasing an Android version as well? PS: Added to the Quantified Self Collection :)
todd balsleyMaker@toddba · Happiness at Buffer
@lehrjulian Hey Julian! Thanks for adding us to your collection! We'd love for everyone to use Quantified. Right now we're focusing on kind of a MVP approach, trying to get the feature set right on iOS. But with some traction hopefully we'll be able to bring it to Android! :)
Ben Terry@benterry · Creative Director, Access Ventures
Nice UX. I like the ability to create my own and see the list of trending items.
todd balsleyMaker@toddba · Happiness at Buffer
@benterry thanks for checking it out Ben!
todd balsleyMaker@toddba · Happiness at Buffer
Hey guys, I'm back in here again to share a few promo codes - If you get the app we'd love to hear your initial impressions. We need all the feedback can get! :D TWAKKPXH9WW3 ATPLHK74J7J7 F3JKRTTXNMHJ W3P6RWWF4K3L R66EY4X34AWL
Bryant Peng@bryantpeng · Product Designer
Interesting how counting apps have been becoming a thing lately. How do you guys compare to similar products like Numerous or Bean?
todd balsleyMaker@toddba · Happiness at Buffer
@bryantpeng Hey Bryant, thanks for taking a look at Quantified! Great question, I totally agree there are quite a few apps out there doing some pretty similar stuff. Numerous is really cool I hadn't seen that before, looks to be mostly automated information. Bean is likely more similar to Quantified, but with out the Apple Watch integration. We practically made Bean before the watch launched and decided that we really like the idea of inputing the data on your wrist, so we held off. Swift, quick, simple entry was key. It works great on the phone, but feels most natural on the watch. Another difference between Quantified and Bean is the suggestions of things to track all driven by what other users are tracking. Also being able to see your progress on the graph with the day, week and monthly view. Have you tried either of the other products? Would be really interested to know what you like or dislike about them.