The marketing R&D platform for digital ads.

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Congrats @rjtalyor! Great founding team, idea, and execution on the significant issue of cross-platform experimentation and reporting.
The website bot is fantastic! Love that
@davemorse Agreed! Nice touch.
It's awesome to see an AI-based martech startup coming out of Indy. Congrats on the launch, @rjtaylor!
@rjtaylor - Congrats on the launch! Curious, what are some of the most interesting things Quantifi has discovered in experiments for your customers so far?
@mikepreuss @rjtalyor Thanks, Mike! We're learning something every hour--one of our customers recently found that 30-second videos outperform 15-second videos on paid social, and discovered two new audience segments. It's rapid-cycle R&D with paid social these days, with SO MUCH to try. . .
How does it work? Do we build the ads in FB still? Do you handle split testing? What does the workflow look like when when building new campaigns?
@frantzlight Experiments are built within Quantifi for all six supported platforms (FB, IG, TWTR, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit), then all ad combinations are created within your social account. Reporting (insights, recommendations) is aggregated within Quantifi.
@rjtalyor Got it, that makes sense, it's an insights and reporting platform. The problem I encounter apps with that layer onto FB and other platforms is the issue of spending twice as much time on analytics and reporting. You should absolutely still view reporting inside of any ad network because of the features, insights, and options that you will only get on the native platform, so an external platform is never going to replace that. So then you're essentially fighting for user's time with free platforms that have better data insights. However, the big differentiator that I see with your platform is the cross-platform reporting from different ad networks. That's the biggest value add for me. It would be cool to see a few more screenshots or even have access to a dummy account to dig in more on the feature sets.