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Martin Fröhler
Martin FröhlerMaker@martin_frohler · CEO, Quantiacs
Hey Product Hunt! Thank you Bram for hunting us, we are very excited to present Quantiacs to the community. Quantiacs is the first marketplace for quantitative trading programs. You write a trading program, we connect it to capital, you profit. We provide coders from all around the world with a free infrastructure to create trading programs and connect them to capital of institutional investors. The quants get a cut of their algorithms' profits without investing their own money. As a result some of our quants are already making 40k per quarter. We're on a mission to democratize quantitative finance. Our users are students, engineers, and scientists. They are compensated based on their success on the markets and not their degree, pedigree, or country of residence. You can check out the story from one of our top quants on medium: http://goo.gl/qBaMSP Happy to answer any of your questions! Cheers, Martin (founder & CEO)
Uri Moszkowicz
Uri Moszkowicz@apples_over_oranges · This is fun
Looks interesting to me! More than the typical side project we seem to be seeing here lately. Why am I the only comment here?
Brinkley Warren
Brinkley WarrenMaker@brinkwar · Serial Entrepreneur. QUANTIACS.COM
@apples_over_oranges , thanks for the kudos!