AI powered data extraction APIs. Don't code another crawler.

Web data extraction on autopilot with AI technology that retrieves clean, structured data accessible via API. No coding or selectors.
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Hello hunters! 5 months ago we were working full time maintaining a price tracking platform scraping billions of pages yearly. At scale, websites change and crawlers break daily. Maintaining them is time consuming and painful. We set out to create smart crawlers that would work across any web page with no manual intervention. Couple of months later we are super excited to show you Quantati: a collection of API's to extract data from web pages automatically. The current available APIs are. - The Article API extracts clean article content, authors, published dates, excerpts, lead images. - The Product Page API automatically extracts product data from any e-commerce page. - The Product Category Page API retrieves all products details from any category e-commerce page. - The Job Page API enables to extract clean job listing data from any job board.
@po_bodho I tried loading your website and this is what i see "This site can’t provide a secure connection www.quantati.com sent an invalid response. Try running Windows Network Diagnostics. ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR"
@po_bodho @iamvarunnair Try: https://quantati.com/ We are updating DNS records for www
@po_bodho @litechip Change the website CTA in PH as well. You might get a lot of website drop outs because of that.
@iamvarunnair will do. You might be right. Thanks!
Congratulations on the launch! I'm glad that your product can crawl JS pages. I have a couple use cases (one that could be a good niche for you). Message me please?
@tela Thank you! Let's get this started! We have reached out.
Very promising product,only tried the demo, looking forward to try it more thoroughly ;-)
@lukas_wahner we got your requirements you filled on the site. Someone, started preparing a report for you and later today we are getting back to you to schedule a call.
I don't have the technical background so i reached out to their support and they have been really helpful. This is really exciting, until now i was struggling with an extension