Developer-friendly coding assessments

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We're currently hiring for developer positions and have been looking for a way to automate parts of the technical interviews. Qualified looks like a great option for this - looking forward to trying it out.
@robjama isn't it a bit pricy?
@tristancelebi @robjama Thanks for the feedback Tristan - we're priced quite competitively, many other solutions require annual contracts that cost thousands up front.
@tristancelebi @robjama seems like a bargain to me if it saves just an hour of my time. Can't wait to try it.
ProductHunt! Co-Founder of Qualified here, We're excited to share our efforts to improve the technical interview. Qualified has created coding assessments that give candidates an intuitive environment to demonstrate their coding skills, while saving tech teams time in assessing candidates. To accomplish this we took the time to integrate testing frameworks into our system, keeping our process in-line with a typical development flow. This system supports Codewars.com, where these challenges have proven successful with an active developer community who complete on them for fun. For companies, Qualified automates technical interviews. The coding assessments let candidates show off their coding skills while providing objectively scored results. The detailed results save time, increase consistency, and highlight great candidates. With our format candidates can take these assessments in a familiar environment, helping eliminate the awkwardness of coding with someone over your shoulder or in a painful whiteboarding session. Take a look, test drive the product and we would love to hear your thoughts!
A good portion of the value of technical assessments is actually communicating with the candidate to understand how they approach technical problems, not just that they can code. Don't I lose that using a system like this?
@kyle_visner Great question Kyle. We don't remove that, just change the flow. We've found candidates underperform when put on the spot to problem-solve while simultaneously communicating (which often becomes justifying) their approach with a team present (whiteboarding, in-person). This ends up misrepresenting their actual skills/techniques. Our system automates the problem-solving portion, saving you time and putting the candidate in a natural environment similar to how they actually work. From there you can see the candidates code playback to see how they actually approach technical problems (not just what they say). Then having these discussions afterwards ends up being far more enlightening for both sides as it's more indicative of real-world scenarios taking the format of a code-review instead of a "test". With that said you could absolutely use this system in-person/on-the-phone, and still communicate real-time with the candidate through the process.
Thanks for focusing on results (through test cases) rather than on complying to a given style (by measuring code lintage or something). I don't know if it's a ruby specific thing, but lately I found devs stopped caring about the impact of their actions and started following arbitrary rules for the sake of it, leading to things as vain as making sure everybody follows the exact same coding style (not the usual coding style consistency, but to the point to think it's ok to take two days of work to replace all single quotes with double quotes in the codebase). Focusing on actually being useful (especially given devs paycheck) is the way to go 👍
Is there a way to try this out before purchasing?
@ericalford Happy to give demos, just send me an email me at nathan@strive.co