TaskRabbit for verified college students

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I was introduced to QuadJobs a few weeks ago. Basically, they're giving college students jobs by making them a workforce for local businesses. Tasks like babysitting, tutoring, internships, office work -- stuff college students are good at! It's in a good but competitive market, but there's definitely a strong niche in the college market for a new sharing economy startup. Also really awesome founders -- dedicated to the cause.
@benparr This is fantastic... and can hopefully relieve some of the stresses that campus job centers are under to place so many students for so few jobs.
@jsneedles @benparr Yes! Career services love QuadJobs. their focus = jobs after graduation and internships, but don't have time for "filler" jobs that can be very meaningful to students in terms of experience and income. as a sidenote, QuadJobs trades quickly - 94% of jobs have multiple applicants within hours. immediate gratification for both sides.
Thanks Jeff, we're humming in the tristate area (NJ, CT, NY), Columbus OH, and Chicago. We've got students at 300+ schools, expanding quickly.
@bridieclark Will your growth be dependent on where College Students sign up, or where you actively go and get contracts? Kansas always seems to be way behind with this kind of service, and I would love it to come here.
From student perspective: - Free. We don't take a penny from students to use the site, all money they make goes to them. - "JobGPA" (feedback loop) makes small jobs mean more. QJ tracks each job a student takes and gathers performance reviews, so every small job counts toward track record. - Employers come on site looking specifically for college labor, so the jobs are well-suited for college students and they have better chance of being hired than they would on general on-demand job sites. From employer perspective: - Bridges surprising divide between college and community. You can live next to a campus and have a hard time hiring a student for part-time or one-time jobs. Connection to multitalented labor force that can handle a wide range of jobs, from help at home to support at work. - Natural goodwill toward students; helping students gain experience - Target jobs that employers specifically want students for (babysitting, for example, or staffing a party.) - Well-priced. $8.95/month covers unlimited job postings, no additional costs (unlike TaskRabbit which takes a commission on jobs).
I'm a huge fan of QuadJobs! Have used them several times; started with personal jobs and expanded into using them for my business as well. Super easy to use with a large, well-vetted talent pool. Looking forward to seeing the business grow!
I like the idea of a pre screened "tasker" - I am definitely going to give this a try and also have my kid sign up for it too.