Quaderno Checkout

Calculate sales taxes automatically

Calculate the correct sales tax, VAT, or GST on every sale based on your customer's location, and accept payments from all over the world — directly on your own website. No more manually uploading countless rate tables or double-checking foreign tax policies. Plus we provide a JS and REST API, if you want more control 😎

Hi hunters! In our effort to simplify the sales tax nightmare (especially after the Supreme Court decision in South Dakota vs. Wayfair and the EU VAT MOSS rules), we've built a simple checkout form that calculates taxes in real time and collects payments via Stripe and PayPal. And for those makers who want more control in their checkout experience or just want to use a different payment processor, we also offer a JavasScript and a REST API to calculate taxes in their own apps. Let me know if you have any questions checkout or sales tax for online businesses in general. Happy to help! Carlos
@polimorfico I was looking for a simple tax-calculation API for ages. Congrats on shipping this Carlos and the team!
@polimorfico I've followed Quaderno a bit over the years. Does this mark a shift in focus to single purchases / embedded checkout links? IIRC correctly, you had more support for SaaS apps but that doesn't look possible now? I also couldn't find the REST api details
@ideasasylum Hey Jamie! We know support any kind of online businesses (SaaS, e-commerce, marketplaces, etc.). Checkout is our product for tax calculation on-the-fly, but can also help with tax receipts and tax reports. Let me know if you need anything. Glad to help!
Quaderno products are a must have for European SaaS. Highly recommend it. Congrats @polimorfico
Nifty, @polimorfico This is just a huge pain killer for those of us that work with different tax schemes.
We're using this in our app Brring - it was easy to integrate and has been rock solid for us in use, well done to the Quaderno.io team 👍