Automatic Tax Management for Smart Businesses

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Quaderno helps online businesses to automate their tax management with no efforts.

Calculate taxes in real time, send automatic tax receipts that are valid worldwide, do your tax returns in seconds, and comply with international rules for digital taxes, including the EU VAT, and Canada & Australia GST.

Leon Roy
  • Leon Roy
    Leon RoyFounder of Brring

    Easy to use, excellent documentation and great support



    We managed to fully integrate VAT, Invoicing, Customer Billing within our application thanks to Quaderno without any difficulty or hiccups at all. Every question, no matter how big or technical was handled 100% by Carlos and his team. Really appreciate having that level of support.

    Leon Roy has used this product for one month.
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Carlos Hernández
Carlos HernándezMaker@polimorfico · Founder, Quaderno.io
Hey! I'm the founder of Quaderno.io, an invoicing solution for Stripe. Yes, Stripe offers receipts, as proof of purchases. Nonetheless, in most European countries, Canada, Australia... the kind of ‘receipts’ Stripe issues are not enough as purchase proof. These receipts don’t include enough information in terms of VAT number, physical address, who’s the seller and the recipient of the good/service, and other detailed data that usually are not part of receipts. In other words, if it was no clear enough: if you are selling goods or service, and your state (or your customer's state) laws enforce you to issue invoices, we cover you on that part if your payment gateway is Stripe. Love to hear any feedback ;-)
Charlie Irish
Charlie IrishHunter@charlieirish
There is some fantastic innovation in the stripe ecosystem at the moment. All built on a great product: BareMetrics: https://baremetrics.io/ Stunning: https://bestunning.net/ SaaS-Metrics: http://www.saas-metrics.com/
Fredrik Gevert
Fredrik Gevert@fgevert · Co-founder, Linkredirector
I like it! The support is excellent.
Anthony Ringoet
Anthony Ringoet@anthonyringoet
Great service and support.
Jan Mühlemann
Jan Mühlemann@jamuhl · CEO, locize.com
We use quaderno on locize.com and are more than happy with it. Got us started and solves our VAT "hell" plus gives the users beautiful invoices and billing history. Great work...