Invoicing for Stripe

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Charlie IrishHunter@charlieirish
There is some fantastic innovation in the stripe ecosystem at the moment. All built on a great product: BareMetrics: https://baremetrics.io/ Stunning: https://bestunning.net/ SaaS-Metrics: http://www.saas-metrics.com/
Carlos HernándezMaker@polimorfico · Founder, Quaderno.io
Hey! I'm the founder of Quaderno.io, an invoicing solution for Stripe. Yes, Stripe offers receipts, as proof of purchases. Nonetheless, in most European countries, Canada, Australia... the kind of ‘receipts’ Stripe issues are not enough as purchase proof. These receipts don’t include enough information in terms of VAT number, physical address, who’s the seller and the recipient of the good/service, and other detailed data that usually are not part of receipts. In other words, if it was no clear enough: if you are selling goods or service, and your state (or your customer's state) laws enforce you to issue invoices, we cover you on that part if your payment gateway is Stripe. Love to hear any feedback ;-)
Fredrik Gevert@fgevert · Co-founder, Linkredirector
I like it! The support is excellent.
Colin Nederkoorn@alphacolin · CEO, Customer.io
Howdy Carlos! Boom! You hit the nail on the head. Colin from customer.io here. We send payment confirmations that we handle ourselves. One thing we never built was a list of historical invoices and PDF downloads. Sometimes people (especially in Europe) ask for that type of documentation. We've added VAT # etc... to our invoice for europeans. We were probably going to generate it on the fly with the stripe API, but seems like that's something you guys might do now / someday. I'd love quaderno to solve that for us and pay you each month to have some code to drop in to our site and give people old invoices. I'd even probably switch over to you for sending out new invoices to get that. Nice work! Colin
Carlos HernándezMaker@polimorfico · Founder, Quaderno.io
Hey Colin! Thanks for your comment. We're already working on importing old charges to convert them into invoices. I'll keep you informed. BTW, congrats for customer.io! It looks awesome ;) Cheers, Carlos