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I found this handy utility on reddit. Simply enable location tracking and upload a file. Anyone within a block of you can view and download the file. This could be useful at events or conferences for sharing files among a group of people or a fun treasure hunt. I dropped something interesting nearby our office in the Mint Plaza. πŸ˜ƒ
@rrhoover love this. super nice find!
I want to start a Quack.Space -based Treasure map/scavenger hunt game.
Brilliant, kind of disintermediates airdrop and usb sticks
@kindageeky although web-based sites like this have limitations (e.g. no access to push notifications, auto-syncing file uploads), being platform agnostic has big advantages.
What's the file size limit?
The hour long time limit seems a little tight, particularly as you already have the geo limit. It would be most interesting if things hung around so you could leave surprises for folks :)