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#3 Product of the DayJanuary 12, 2015
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Built by: @ngthatsme1 Played with this app for the first time yesterday. It's really fast and a pretty simple way to poll strangers anonymously and answer random questions that pique your interest. Speaking to the founder, Marie, she describes her inspiration behind building Qu as wanting to ship a new app that was an order of magnitude simpler than other mobile 'polling' products: >> "I wanted to build something that didn't require much effort for users to ask and answer. Also the anonymous aspect removes barriers and allows people to truly ask what is on their mind."
Thanks John! Hi guys, I'm Marie, maker of Qu. Feel free to AMA.
@ngthatsme1 are most users giving 1 word answers or going into detail?
@luizcent Questions on Qu are yes/no only. So you swipe right to answer yes, left for no, then get results instantly. Wanted to keep it super simple. No ability to comment yet, but may add to future releases.
@ngthatsme1 I considered building something similar a while back (funnily enough inspired by the Q&A model of okcupid rather than tinder) on the basis that it could get you a hugely valuable dataset on how people behave and think. If you want to chat about interesting things you could do with the data / monetization models feel free to drop me an email!
@ngthatsme1 Swedish App Store, plz!
Canadian App Store?
@joshbarkin Hey Josh, that's weird, it should be there. I just re-selected Canada in the AppStore again. Try in a few mins and let me if it shows up? Thanks!
@ngthatsme1 got it. Thx. Nice app!
I really liked the idea and would like to state a few points. There are people out there who has no idea about Tinder :) I think you should revamp the design a bit to make it more distinctive between "Yes" and "No". Other than that, It'd be my favourite app to do some market research for new ideas.
@acelik awesome, thanks for the feedback Anil. Noted :) Thanks for taking the time to check it out.
interesting concept. what's in it for the users? why would they want to spend the time to answer polls?
@tzhongg thanks Tiffany. For me the app is about satisfying a curiosity...getting answers to whatever is on your mind. These might be questions that don't come up in an everyday conversation, or something that you want a quick opinion on. Thanks for checking it out!
@tzhongg also to clarify, it's users asking other users questions. Not big brands asking users questions :)
@tzhongg @ngthatsme1 As a big fan of Quora, I'm really liking this. It's like Quora's little sibling. I think the motivation for answering questions here would be similar to answering questions on Quora or Yahoo Answers (as much as people hate on it - it's stood the test of time).
@tzhongg @thecoolestcool thanks Ross! I think you're right about a similar motivation. I wonder with Quora though, if part of the motivation is wanting to be seen as an subject matter expert, whereas with Qu there's more of a curiosity to know if people agree with your answer. eg there was one question 'do you sing in the shower?'. I answered it because I really wanted to know if I was alone in doing that haha! PS cool twitter handle ;)
@tzhongg sometimes it's just something to do, especially if it's a question about an area you know or are interested in. i can see that as something that would be cool just to play around with while i'm waiting in line for something.