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Maker --- @ngthatsme1 Hey guys, have had the blessing of beta testing Qu 2.0 for a little while and I love its focus on voting essentially in favor or against important tech articles and trends of the particular day. At scale in the tech community, I think the magic of Qu for Tech will be seeing the pulse of questions on the biggest topics (think - affinity for/against Apple Watch so far), and also getting a read on how the most plugged in early adopters are leaning in terms of opinions. I think Qu 2.0 is especially core to the PH community, and having had the blessing of meeting the founder via PH last year and watching her shape the next iteration of Qu week over week, it was clear her vision as a founder had evolved substantially since spending more time with Product Hunt folks. And making the move from Australia to NYC on her own to start this company, I have a lot of respect for her and am hoping you all find a chance to play with the new app and share feedback on it thus far!
Hey! thanks for the post and the kind words @johnexley! We wanted to make something for the tech community to help folks stay one step ahead of the conversation. There's so much tech news nowadays - it's easy to know what's trending but sometimes hard to know/quantify what people THINK about what's trending. Hopefully Qu helps and we can have a bit of fun with it too!
This is a really sweet simple fast agree/disagree stream that makes it interesting to see what you/everyone think about "the topics" that are always streaming through our feeds.
Thanks @amol! that sums it up perfectly. When Qu first started (actually the beta launched on PH at the start of the year) it was a stream of random questions. BUT, thanks to feedback from the community, it's now laser-focused on Technology/startup questions. The plan is to roll out to other categories eg sport, politics later, but right now it's all about geeking out over Tech :)
Do you plan to add the ability to comment on each question?
Hey @jmalseedharris! We're open to it, if we get enough people asking for it. Right now though, trying to keep it super simple. The current goal is to get quick feedback and not have to read through pages of comments to do so :)
@jmalseedharris HI Jules! based on feedback, we're going to experiment with adding in comments. Should have an update pushed out in about a week. Thx again! and have a good weekend!
I like this, I think you've struck an interesting balance with this app. I get that this is a shorter form play, but it may be a struggle for you to grow out of this niche audience and simultaneously differentiate yourself from Quora (especially given the similarity in name). To me, Quora's strength in this type of content-discussion setting is in the community they've built over many years. I'd check out some of @useronboard 's teardowns and consider building in some more engaging onboarding for when a new user signs up!
hey @theryanrobinson! thank you! and thanks for the feedback. I agree, the onboarding experience could be improved. We'll look into that for the next release. Also I'm a big fan of @useronboard :) Anyone else looking for tips on onboarding and tutorials should definitely check out their site.