AI-dermatologist to detect skin diseases instantly.

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QSkin is a deep learning and computer vision based application for accurate skin diseases detection, now is can detect 26 types skin diseases.

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Filippo Mursia
Filippo Mursia@mrdobelina · Digital PM @ Gabriela Hearst
Never look for medical answers on the Internet. Ask a doctor.
OliviaFanMaker@oliviafan · UI Designer
@mrdobelina You're absolutely right! Qskin just helps people do the daily examination and give the second opinion to dermatologists.
Revo Mevo
Revo Mevo@barkbrian · Football player.
You'd better just be in good relationship with sunscreen. And you won't have any skin-cancer issues whatsoever. Check this one, for example, is supposed to protect from the Australian sunlight, so I doubt there's a better one https://antiaging-health.com.au/....