Smart ID Tags for Dogs

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I have returned three lost dogs to their owners. Each time I had to track down a vet to scan for a dogs microchip and each time it was a real hassle when all I wanted to do was just call direct to the owner. I have a dog and I am glad there are products like this!!
A nice implementation of QR + NFC, but microchips win every time since they are not user removable. @UXAndrew, any idea what their plans are? Is this just the first use case for the technology?
@mark__a It seems like this would have to be in addition to a chip... The chip for security, the tag for convenience.
@mark__a Microchips, however, can only be checked by a vet (a problem when you find a dog at night). Also, microchips move inside the dogs body. Of the three lost dogs I found and returned to their owners, two had microchips that the first vet I went to didn't find! The vet said "This dog doesn't have a chip..." so I went to a different vet and they found the chip elsewhere in the dog's body (usually they place it between the shoulder blades). One of those times, the dog had *two* chips because the system was updated and the dog was very old so they couldn't use the original chip anymore and had to replace it. Also, let's just play a hunch- If you saw a dog that looked lost and he had a thing you could scan in two seconds and find out where he lived, wouldn't that increase the likelihood that you would check? When I see lost dogs now, I still try to help them, but I know how much trouble I'm going to have to go to in the hopes of finding an owner!
IIRC, Pethub also does this. Definitely a must have for pet owners. What I really want is to be able to track my dog via GPS. Frankly, I'd outfit my dog with everything just in case!
Hey everyone and thank you Andrew for posting Qruso here! I'm Idan and one of the founders and CEO and I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have :) While microchips offer a solution to return lost pets home it is a bit difficult and quite a hassle to take a dog you've just found to a vet, especially at night. This is where the QR/NFC solution comes in play. GPS trackers are definitely a great solution though they might not be fit for everyone due to their size, battery limitations and the fact they require an internet connection to update the owners remotely. We think that the QR/NFC tags solution is the most suitable for the job as they are durable and do not require batteries nor internet connection. While it's not a replacement for microchips it's a great addition and will most likely increase the chances of lost pets returning home. We thought about implementing a GPS solution but we came to the fact that almost everyone around us have a built-in GPS in their smartphones so why should we put a GPS tracker on a pet? There are a few competitors in this market including PetHub as mentioned by Joe. We think they're doing a great job and the fact that there are more players in this market just makes it more likely that lost pets will eventually return home and this ultimately serves our goals. Our future plans are to expand our offering to more physical items and not just pets. I'm sure we've all lost things that could have had a simple QR/NFC tag on them and have them returned home easily :) Any feedback/suggestions is more than appreciated. Thanks again!