A new way to enjoy music.

Qroom is a music platform founded with the goal to create a whole new experience with the music that it’s on Youtube. Based on their API, qroom indexes all the music by artists, genres, moods, and also allows you to create as many playlist as you want.


  • Pros: 

    Simple, Beautiful, Free & Ad-Free


    No Android / Wearable support yet

    Simple, Beautiful, Free & Ad-Free Music App

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  • Ariel de los Seguros
    Ariel de los SegurosInspección de siniestros para compañías

    yEas ti use


    No Android app yet

    Nice app

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Rodrigo Gutierrez
Rodrigo GutierrezMaker@rggcv · qroom
Hi PH! After almost two years of work of a lot of people, Qroom is already released. You can find it in the AppStore, and also you can use the Web Player, in which we invest timeless hours of work, to create a unique experience. We really don’t know how far this project can grow; but we’re certain of one thing: it was, it is, and it’ll be made with love. Always. Down below, are all the links to use the platform: Web: http://qroom.co Web Player: https://player.qroom.co App: https://goo.gl/QRjSus THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR CONSTANT SUPPORT!