QromaTag for macOS

Create photo metadata using voice recognition.

Adding metadata to photos has mostly been about typing and tabbing through fields. QromaTag is a new smarter way to add metadata to photos using voice recognition and a natural language description. We use machine learning to find things likes dates, locations and people and automatically create the right tags.

@tonyknight what makes this different from Google Photos and how is this better?
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Good question! QromaTag creates the metadata that Google Photos, or any other photo organizers (Apple Photos, Lightroom, etc) can use to help you find your photos. Traditionally, adding metadata to photos to make them searchable involves typing information field by field. What makes QromaTag unique is that we use voice recognition and a description as the basis for the metadata, and then have an smart parser detect things like dates, location and people. So you can say something like "This is my brother and I at Vasona Park in the summer of 2005" and QromaTag will know where it was taken, when it was taken, and the full names of the two people in the photo. We embed that data into the photo, so where ever it goes, the information travels with it.