Scan QR codes from your messaging app with this bot.

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Ever had a "ah crap I don't have a QR app" moment? Or if you're like me and really don't like polluting your app screens with an app that you only use once every 2 weeks, then this handy dandy bot is for you. Feedback and suggestions welcome - have fun with QRobot! (available on Messenger and Telegram) I'll (hopefully) be posting the source code on GitHub soon - will update this page when I do!
Pretty neat bot! Saves having to download a QR scanner app. Are you planning to support barcodes at some point?
@techno246 Barcodes usually pick up some sort of identifier that would only make sense if you use an app to scan it so it can match that identifier to a database... so probably not as a standalone bot :)
Ooh, this is really cool! Finally can delete my QR code app and free up more space to take photos :D
@vivienleinzl Awww thanks Vivien! Gogo delete that QR app 😛