QR Print is a browser extension that makes sure all links are accessible on printouts. Each link from in your doc gets its unique QR code. The codes are embedded into the text copy: printable, recognisable.

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Igor Dzhebyan
Igor Dzhebyan@dzhebyan · Making the impossible – possible.
Neat extension! Printing links without loosing the URL is very useful. 👍
Stas Kulesh
Stas KuleshMaker@stas_kulesh · Creative Director @ Karmabot.chat
A little weekend project of mine: QR Print – backlinks for your printouts. *Problem*: when printing out from the web, all links are either lost or cumbersome and one has to re-type them letter-by-letter to open. 📄+🔗 → 🖨️ → 📄 = 😿 *Solution*: attach QR codes as images to each link. 📄+🔗 → 🖨️ → 📄+🔳 → 🤳 → 🔗 = 😺 No more re-typing links from your printouts. This extension adds a scannable inline QR code to each link on your document. 1. Click QR Print icon 2. Print your web page 3. Simply scan any link from the page to open any links from the page on your phone *How it works* The extension is generating and embedding QR codes into print.css, encoding all links via qrpr.tk anonymous link shortener. We don't track usage, don't even save timestamps. The shorter the link, the easier it is to read QR code. Will make FF and Safari versions shortly.
Stas Kulesh
Stas KuleshMaker@stas_kulesh · Creative Director @ Karmabot.chat
Update: QR Print extension is available for Firefox now.
Vlad Korobov
Vlad Korobov@vladkorobov · Product Manager
Awesome. @stas_kulesh Please put the video about QR code usage on iOS and Android. For many people it is not obvious.