#4 Product of the DayNovember 16, 2019
Want to reduce your expenses? Or understand where your earnings go?
Join the thousands to manage your budget in a brand-new way. Adding spendings have never been that easy! Save not only your money, but time as well.
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👋 Hello, Product Hunt! It's Dmitriy from Qoin App. Our story began since we decided to reinvent the field of financial accounting, by making it beautiful, simple, understandable and useful. We learnt a lots of similar apps, and noticed that all of them have the same problem - a speed of adding any kind of entries. We decreased that number to 3 actions - Swipe, Enter and Tap. As it turned out, this was insanely useful and practical solution. Since that, our tagline stands for Swipe and Tap, and arrow on the logotype reflects the idea and key difference from app-analogues. We believe, that Qoin helps to save not only your money, but time as well. App was launched over a month ago, but now you can try it for a very special price - $0.99 only! 💡Key Features • Gestures control; • 3x faster entries adding; • Favorite categories; • Create unlimited budgets; • Daily Limit & Monthly Salary; • Custom categories; • All currencies; • Transfer between Budgets; • All-new statistics; • Passcode with Face ID / Touch ID support; • CSV Export; • Dark mode. 🗺️General Roadmap • iCloud synchronization; • Family budgets with up to 5 users; • Siri assistance; • Connect app with your bank account. I'm super excited to post our product on this great platform. We really hope, that you'll enjoy Qoin and really can't wait to hear your feedback! Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/appqoin And Twitter: https://twitter.com/appqoin Thank you for your time and attention! Let's create something awesome together.
Qoins is looking at Qoin like: https://imgur.com/tKB5U2p
@armand 😅😅😅
What about Android version?
@avi_lang now we care about iOS only, but maybe we'll change our position, while making family budgets.
Wow, an iOS budgeting app? Never seen that before. Besides, of course, Truebill, Mint, Goodbudget, Wally, YNAB, Pocketguard, Mvelopes, & Prism
@evankimbrell What's the difference between fitness apps? Order of exercises? Amount of its repeats? Them all have the same results, but implementation is different. Same thing here. We worked hard to create friendly and fine interface, an approach, where users can spend less time on different things. An idea isn't new, of course 😅
@evankimbrell @dmitriy_vinnichuk Awesome product with gorgeous UI - sad those most of those other apps don't really help users grow, I can see that happening with Qoin.
@evankimbrell @typicalmitul thank you for kind words! Well, I can't said that we're doing bad, we were #1 in Finance category in 2 countries and also were #1 in all top charts in Ukraine. But as they say, we're doing good, but can do it better 😉
Have been using it since yesterday and I love it. Are there plans to add loans and debts features?
@chevykmd We're really glad you loved it! We were thinking about creating additional tab of debts/planned payments, and will think about adding this feature, if users need it.
@dmitriy_vinnichuk it's the only thing that I miss from my other expenses app. Hope you can add it soon!