The perfect training partner to get healthy!

Qoach aims to be your fitness partner for your daily workouts! For the first version, you'll find "7 Minutes Workout" as the main program, but more will come soon 💪
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Hey there, Is it possible to chose the workout level? I'm searching for a long time after an app that can actually suit my level. Thanks, Kerry.
@kerrytenenberg Hey Kerry, that is actually in the works. We intend to have a set of "beginner" programs. Having different levels for a program is a good idea though, we'll discuss it with the team!
Hey @monoqle_, how does this weigh over other similar apps? Really need a better workout app at the moment as nothing seems to catch my attention long enough
@rebecca_ferrao Hi Rebecca. Qoach is a complete redesign of our older app "7 Minutes Workout", which had its glory days. You'll find it to be more minimalistic and focused compared to similar apps. The idea was to be as unobtrusive as possible. You can either launch a workout and set your phone in front of you, or let it sit nearby with the speaker on. We intend to add other features and programs soon, but we'll keep the same purpose : an unobtrusive experience for efficient workouts.
Cool, this sounds good. Will definitely try it
I love this! So simple and easy to use :)