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Most productivity tools are good at either long-term or short-term goals and projects, but Qlutter (qlutter.io) aims to be good at both. Qlutter took inspiration from Swedish workplace culture (yes another awesome Swedish startup!), to build this new collaboration tool. In terms of features, it has activity boards, a planning view that’s basically a digital Kanban board, and a feature for tracking team morale. You can use it like Trello, but it also has a management layer for measuring progress. You can see across multiple teams in an organisation, collect data on how teams are doing, and generally help people get more done without overloading themselves. I'd love to hear more about what parts of Swedish culture inspired them to build this and what plans they have for the future?
@jasondainter First of all big thanks for hunting us Jason! When it comes to working together in teams methodologies provide a good framework (e.g. Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Lean IT, etc) but they should never be applied blindly. You need to adopt them to fit the needs of your team and not be afraid to modify if they don’t work, “lagom agile”. Qlutter has been created with “lagom agile” in mind, it provides a slightly more opinionated experience that most task management and collaboration apps but can still be used with most methodologies (such as Agile, Scrum, Kanban, and Lean IT). All views and features are also linked directly to some aspect of how to work better together in a team (we explain this in depth in our blog).
@elizabethhunker @jasondainter Qlutter provides more structure and hierarchy for larger teams and organizations. For example a clear organizational structure where each team have their own area in Qlutter which help organizations with multiple teams. Qlutter also has separate views for the daily tasks (calendar like view) and long term planning (Kanban view similar to Trello and others). Our current users see great benefits with this structure. Our first customer is a Telco which has more than 500 users across more than 50 teams using Qlutter on a daily basis, both for collaboration within the team and between the teams. What are the pros and cons you see when using a tool like Trello?
Welcome to the work management market folks, there's always room for more!
@marcboscher Thanks, nice app you have built at @Unito.io! Do you have any pro tips to us as newcomers on the market?
@wiman_adam specialize! gotta carve out that niche ;) Happy to chat APIs and integration if I can help with anything
@marcboscher Thanks! Yes will definitely reach out when we have our first public APIs live during later during the autumn =)
We just released our ebook "It's not just about standing up" on daily team meetings. Check it ut and join the discussion, you find it under Books here on Product Hunt, https://www.producthunt.com/post....
One of the makers of Qlutter here, happy to answer any question you might have! Looking forward to hear any feedback and how Qluttter fits with your current way of working.