3D scan any object with your iPhone or iPad

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albanHunterHiring@albn · CEO, Sketchfab
Very cool new 3D scanning app, check some results here https://sketchfab.com/Qlone
Tom Bielecki
Tom Bielecki@tombielecki · Cofounder, PrintToPeer
@albn how do you think it compares? What is the best scanning app?
albanHunterHiring@albn · CEO, Sketchfab
@tombielecki No easy answer to that, each app have advantages and drawbacks, and nailing scanning on mobile is tough. I think Qlone does a good job by leveraging a marker, and the editing features on the scan are pretty nice.
Mare Diango
Mare Diango@marediango · Sales Team Lead
Looks amazing. Android in plans?
Donald Kepler
Donald Kepler@keplerdonald · Developer | Co-Founder - Itskepler |
@marediango My question too? When?
Alex Weber
Alex Weber@lecanardmalade · Marketing & Design
@marediango Me too! So want to be able to test it out!
KerryBodle@liquidchickenqq · Founder: Failing Quickly and Often
Can I output this to a part file?
Ryan Lieb
Ryan Lieb@ryan_lieb · Living Life
Ability to export as a file, ultimately being able to use it with a 3-D printer? Essentially a copier for 3-D
Neel Kadia
Neel Kadia@neelkadia · Imagineer @Adobe
using Vuforia Scanning?