A search engine where you swipe through results! πŸ”Ž

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Hey Hunters ! So qkfind, called Quick Find - is just submitted for hunting. Thanks again to Product hunt team. One of the makers of qkfind here to answer any questions you might have. qkfind creates a better way of how we perform web-search on smartphones (for now) and makes it simpler. Today we open & close 10's of tabs for every search. With qkfind, you won't be juggling anymore with tabs, instead will use the best feature i.e. Swiping. So 'Next Result is a SWIPE Right' and 'Previous is SWIPE Left', as simple as that. Basically No more tabs - At All ! More with qkfind, your search keywords are highlighted. So you don't have to go up and down the full page (few times in many cases) to know where the relevant section is, you will see it highlighted upfront ! Next we are working on - Bookmarking/Save for later, so you can comeback to the interesting stuff you found earlier but had no time OR 'Read it later on your tablet/laptop' as it will be sync'd across devices. qkfind - Quick | Smart | Simple How do you feel about a better tab free smartphone search? And what more would you like to have? Check out the website for a video and subscribe to No-Spam info world. Again, please let me know if I can clarify anything. Check us out and subscribe/leave a message to get the download link (exclusive for product hunters). Please mention "Product Hunt" in your message for the link. We will be publicly open sooner until then we grow closely with you. Cheers, Deez :)
@deepsm29 so is it just the search results that are 'swipable'? If I wanted to open 3 of those search results, I'd still have to use tabs right?
@bentossell, So the 3 results that you want to check are open in next web-view, you just need to switch (by Swiping) between them. From the main result page, just tap whichever result is of your interest and screen jumps onto it. No tabs needed yet ! Did I answer your question?
@deepsm29 Hi there. I've subscribed - how do get a link? I'm jdrysdale@gmail.com. Thanks - looks interesting!
@jeremydrysdale, Thanks for subscribing and your interest. The app is available in play store, hunt for 'qkfind - BETA'
This looks cool! Here's an explainer GIF πŸ’«
@nivo0o0 Thanks for the quick giffy Niv !
@deepsm29 I love the swipe search idea however can a user still see a list of search results? Also curious did you create your own search engine at the back end or are you reusing something like Lucene or Solr? Is this consumer facing only or also applicable to Enterprise Search
@kausmukherjee, Thanks, we are so glad that you like it, yay! Yes user is presented with a list of all the search results once you hit the search button after entering keywords. Just like any other search platform. And then user selects the one he/she wants to see. From here user can either move next or previous by swiping or can come back to the result list again. qkfind is for web search, integrated with one of the most powerful web search engine and from what I understand, Solr or Lucene are used for enterprise search. Another (not open source) example would be Idol. Cheers!
We made one more video to put together how qkfind works. Check this out -