With QCObjects developers can make a full stack application in one single technology based in Javascript for browsers as well as for Nodejs environments, what is saving time and simplifying the N-Tier development process.
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We are building an open source community around QCObjects were everyday thousands of developers and companies are getting involved. I personally work in this full time. I make updates every single day and I’m wanting to get feedback to improve the QCObjects ecosystem even more. I’ll appreciate your help and very happy to promote your QCObjects based projects.
Good news to end this week! QCObjects is being ranked in the 7th place of the top 10 Full-Stack Framework Libraries in 2020 on OpenBase! https://openbase.io/packages/top... #qcobjects #opensource #openbase #fullstack #framework #featured #top10 #programming #trends
I want to know what is the next most exciting feature that you would wish to add to !QCObjects
Microservices generator command for the CLI
Archetypes generator
Drag and drop components