Never accidentally quit an app again

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Hey Hunters! This was a little project I've been working on over the last week. It was inspired by Chrome's "Warn When Quitting" option which I sorely missed when switching to Safari. You can use QBlocker to protect you from quitting any app or set exclusion rules to ignore things like Tweetbot or Messages that won't be missed if they do quit. Happy blockin' 🚫
I was literally cursing myself and my computer yesterday when I was in a rush and accidentally quit when trying to Command+A. Very timely. Thanks for posting!
Big yes!
I finished reading the comments and accidentally pressed Command+Q instead of Command+W to close the tab. Looks like I need it more than I thought... Installing now!
After using this for awhile (an hour-ish) it would be fantastic to have the option to add only specific apps instead of having to exclude all the apps excluding Chrome which is the only app I have an issue with quitting accidently. =)
@billhamway That's definitely on the list! Keep an eye out for an update πŸ˜„
Awesome. was wondering when someone would build this :)