Pinterest for travel destinations

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Lots of travel planning and inspiration products launched w. limited success, but Qaribu is taking existing patterns found on bookmarking sites like Pinterest and pairing the ability to book direct through the platform, a la The experience on desktop is quite robust.
Useless information. Seriously, is it the main attractions in Munich? Kidding? Deutsches Museum (Museum) House of Art (Museum) Staatliche Antikensammlung (Museum) Nederling (Farm) Großlappen (Farm) Pötting (Farm) Maria-Theresia-Gymnasium (School) Theresien-Gymnasium (School) And the site doesn't work. Just cannot display the air fares. Fail :-(
@bilb02 Hello Sergei, thanks for you feedback. You are not wrong about the quality of information. Please note that the site is still a beta-version. We are currently working on the implementation of proper soft-content for the destination-profiles. Regarding the performance of the site: Unfortunately we cannot reproduce the bug that you are experiencing. So far, we have had mostly very happy customers. One thing I could imagine, is that you might have tried to search for flights without being signed-in? This is usually the solution to that particular problem :-). If that is not the case, can you tell us, at which step the problem occurred, so we can try to reproduce it?