Record the unexpected behaviors or errors during product QA.

QAReplay records your screen but only saves the latest 15 secs. It helps you catch the unexpected behaviors when you're testing your product.
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Amazing. Trust is the only issue. I suggest you to cover such concern.
It's always a pain when you're testing your product and occasionally discover a bug. Not knowing how to produce it again is even more painful. That's why QAReplay is created. More updates soon.
Very smart! Would love to try this out - somehow the "Download for Mac" button leads to a bad gateway error :(
The download link for macOS seems to be corrupted, you can check back for me thanks.
This is a great idea! Is there an option to store everything purely locally if I don't want to have my screencaptures uploaded to your cloud storage?
@julianbaker working on it. Will be release soon!