Qards is a blogging platform focused on performance and on closing the gap between content publishers and developers.

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What's the advantages of using this as opposed to only using GatsbyJS?
@ddaalee Hi Dale. Gatsby is not a blog. Qards does many things blog oriented but Gatsby still sits underneath so you have all the advantages. If you're a developer and want to do things your way, Gatsby is better but if you want to fast bootstrap a website (with a blog) that looks good and performs well Qards may take you a bit further, faster.
Looks super sleek, and blazing fast. Breath of fresh air compared to other content creation/hosting sites. How does this stack up against GitHub Pages?
@gradient_elephant I haven't worked with GH Pages yet but the strength and "cool part" of it is that you can work with "cards" (or widgets) to layout your content. What the publishers save is pure json which is great because it is not being polluted with presentation code. The content is also separated being stored in Contentful. Qards also offers many blocks to layout content, think of it like the bootstrap framework but, this time, being accessible to both the developer and the publisher.
What's the point of launching on PH, if you are not even in alpha stage? Will there be a plugin to migrate from Wordpress? If not, it makes no sense - we have thousands of posts already and we can't just leave them behind, which is the main problem with ghost.
@unnanego The main problem with Ghost is a missing plugin to import from Wordpress? Ghost is fine and let by intelligent people. It has great features and I recommend it if what Qards offers is not your cup of tea. These platforms are alternatives and need no chains tied to Wordpress. Qards is based on Gatsby which has a plugin to import from Wordpress and certain things can be done yes but it's not that high on my priority list right now because I don't have the man hours to concentrate on something that adds nothing to the platform at this early stage. There are certain advantages when launching an open source project at such an early stage. You get an influx of adopters that can open up new ideas about things that matter to them. A community that gives shape and participates from an early stage. It's not just an idea as I published a lot of code already so there is no chance of it not being released. The feedback was great and I have a clear vision now. Everybody benefits. I will have something functional this month, I'm just waiting for some discussions to conclude with Contentful and I'm ready to pack something that you can hack away. It's not going to be tested or beginner friendly but it will be something functional.
@rmihalcea well, we'll have to wait until there's a fully functioning way to migrate, then we'll definitely give it a try!
Looks great, but the name is identical to an established Wordpress plugin by Designmodo:
@bobbydragulescu i noticed after launching....while searching twitter for keywords. We will have to coexist i guess