Qapital for Android

Reach your financial goals with automated savings

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Henrik Wrangel
Head of Product,
Hi Product Hunters! Qapital for Android is finally here! Qapital uses gamified, automatic savings that let you set aside small amounts of money regularly. Set Goals, then create Rules that trigger savings based on your daily activities. We help you get better at money, your way. Round up your change, ‘fine’ yourself when you buy something you’re trying to cut back on or use our Joint Goals to save with friends. All you need to use Qapital is a checking account from one of the 19,000+ U.S.-based bank or credit union we support. We’d love to hear your thoughts and questions about the app! -Henrik, Head of Product @ Qapital PS. You can read more about our Android app here:
Charley Ma
Head of Growth @ Ramp
Congrats on launching on Android! Qapital is one of my favorite "all-in-one" saving application on my phone, the ability to create rules for how I want to save money is awesome!!
Erik Akterin
CTO & Co-Founder, Qapital
@charleyma Thanks Charley!
Sam Doshi
Co Founder @
such a good idea to take the thinking out of saving and setting up mechanisms to make it happen.
Saijo George
Digital Marketer
Look interesting but sucks that it's US only.