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Thanks to everyone who's been checking us out today! We really look forward to your feedback. And to helping you use Qapital to get better at money.
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Erik Akterin
@erimag · CTO & Co-Founder, Qapital
Hi Product Hunters! Qapital uses gamified, automatic savings that let you set aside small amounts of money regularly. Set goals, then create rules and triggers based on your daily activities that help you get better at money, your way. Round up your change, ‘fine’ yourself when you buy something you’re trying to cut back on, or use our joint goals to save w… See more
Tori Bunte
@stttories · PMM, HPE Storage
I really like the option to fine yourself when you overspend on things you know you really don't need & shouldn't purchase. I've loved Digit so far, but my only quip with it was that when I was traveling for work and spending more $ than I normally do, it was pulling out WAY too much into my Digit savings. I like that Qapital allows you to define more o… See more
Jp Valery
@jpvalery · Product Manager @ Gameloft
When are you expending to Canada ? :)
Braden Hamm
@bradenhamm · Designer / Founder Gumwall.com
Are there any plans for expanding to Credit Unions? I expect some sort of delay, as I had to wait about 4 months for Apple Pay support through BECU.
Craig App Man Caruso
@craigcaruso · CarusoApps.com
If anyone wants 10 bucks http://get.qapital.com/bzAc/UiW8...