Reach your financial goals with gamified automatic savings

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Hi Product Hunters! Qapital uses gamified, automatic savings that let you set aside small amounts of money regularly. Set goals, then create rules and triggers based on your daily activities that help you get better at money, your way. Round up your change, ‘fine’ yourself when you buy something you’re trying to cut back on, or use our joint goals to save with friends. To use Qapital, you need an iPhone and a US bank account as a funding source. If you have your primary debit/credit card at one of the 5 major banks (Bank of America, Chase, Citi, Wells Fargo, US Bank) or American Express, you can use the full range of features. We’d love to hear what you think about the experience, especially when it comes to onboarding, from download through to connecting a funding account. If you download the app coming from PH, we have a special thank you for Product Hunters who sign up for Qapital!
I really like the option to fine yourself when you overspend on things you know you really don't need & shouldn't purchase. I've loved Digit so far, but my only quip with it was that when I was traveling for work and spending more $ than I normally do, it was pulling out WAY too much into my Digit savings. I like that Qapital allows you to define more of the "how much and how often" than Digit. Going to sign up :)
@stttories Thanks, Tori! We think Digit is great, too, but we definitely provide a different kind of service, where you get to improve your own habits. We have some more pretty awesome stuff coming soon, too. Looking forward to having you!
@stttories Thanks so much for your interest in what we're doing! Can't wait to hear what you think of the app.
When are you expending to Canada ? :)
@jpvalery No specific plans yet, but that would be awesome!
@jpvalery I'm the token Canadian on the team, so I'll be jockeying hard for that when the time comes. Keep your stick on the ice! -Christine
Are there any plans for expanding to Credit Unions? I expect some sort of delay, as I had to wait about 4 months for Apple Pay support through BECU.
@bradenhamm hi Braden! You can use Qapital with your credit union as a funding account as long as it has a regular routing & account no. This lets you set up goals and do manual & periodic saves. If you also have a credit card at one of the 5 major banks we have full support for, or Amex, you can connect that card as your transaction trigger for savings rules. We are working on adding full support for credit unions also in the latter use case. Hope that answers your question and thanks for your interest!