Q&C Nano Water Dispenser

The most energy efficient smart water dispenser

Q&C Nano is a new-gen water dispenser. Nano uses the most advanced and efficient heater technology. It can save huge amount of energy while heat water for a tea or a soup. Nano can highly reduce environmental impact of the plastic bottles. Also reduce the drinking water cost for most of the families and offices.

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Márton Szabó
Founder & CEO of Q&C Watercoolers
We are happy to share our first product with the Product Hunt community. I would like to tell our short story about how Nano was born and why is it very great product. We have started our company 10 years ago because as fathers we wanted to provide better solutions for home and business users than buy PET bottled water from the local stores. Like you know the plastic bottles still big problem because the environmental effect, however buy bottled water from the store is uncomfortable and expensive so for me its not logical to do it. After 7 years in the water industry we listed more than 2500 kind of water treatment products. This means lots of experience and lots of customer feedbacks. Our prior business was the water dispensers and water filters for drinking water. Telling the truth I never found the perfect product what I wanted to sell. So about 3 years ago I decided to collect everything what we learned and what we have, and make the best drinking water sources, the best water dispenser what is possible. This is how it started. We wated to make something unique in the water dispenser industry, something like the iPhone was in the mobile phone industry 10 years ago. Nano is not only a water dispenser with nice design. I tell the key features: -We have use a new water heater technology, what makes this device ultra energy efficient. Maybe some of you know Miito, a water heater what was a Kickstarter campaign (they failed to produce the final product). They offered about 80 percent energy efficiency while heating water. We offer about 98 percent efficiency! Our solution is working and ready for production. And Nano not only a water heater, like Miito was… :) -Compared to other water dispensers Nano uses 7 times less energy. Interesting fact that most of the water dispensers wast tons of energy. About 500kWh annual energy gone to the “garbage”. If every water dispenser in the world could use our technology, we can save as energy as a block of nuclear power plant can produce! Its brutally high waste of energy. -This is the smallest water dispenser in the world. Very small! The size is almost the same like the size of the capsule coffee machine. This is why the Nano name. It matters if you want to use it in your kitchen. Really matters! With our additional stand you can convert it to a freestanding model anytime. -This is the first really smart water cooler. Most people think it is stupid, because they can't image the possibilities in a simple device like a water dispenser. With our smart features users can get notifications about filter changes, or when there is any problem. A valve stuck, or limescale build up and the system inform us. Easy maintenance, self cleaning, filter order and change. Of course use the smart features not mandatory. Its an extra. Its useful, because we know that most of the customers forget to clean their water dispensers or just don’t want to do it. Now it will be easier than ever! This is how the dispenser can give clear water every time. -High-end design, materials and water amount slider. The amount slider is a good feature. No need to hold the buttons. You can set up the desired volume and get the same amount of water every time. -We designed Nano with one of the best filtration systems what is available on the market (based on our experiences). Also we send items for a very fast and easy installation. And more… I believe Nano is great solution for most of the families and small businesses to get crystal clear water. Its cheap (much more cheaper than bottled water), nice, and very environmentally-friendly. This is the first of its kind. I hope you will like our product. :) If you have question please tell me!
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