A fast and easy way to host video question & answer sessions

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Ria Blagburn
Ria BlagburnHunter@riaface · Founder, GrowBeyond
Nice and simple, this lets you hold video Q&As with your Twitter followers, via video. It's good that users don't need to install the app to attend sessions.
Paul Kemp
Paul KempHiring@paul_s_kemp · The App Guy Podcast
I like the idea. Downloading the app now. Great hunt!
Shibendu Saha
Shibendu SahaMaker@shibendusaha · Founder, Q&A
Hi, maker here. I built Q&A to make the process of hosting video Q&A as frictionless & easy as possible. basically you need to set a time to start the session(or you can go live now), for how long, take a welcome video for your followers & tweet. Your followers will receive a tweet with a link to this sessions & start asking questions and watch video answers right from their browser window (yes! there is a web app for that). I love AMA & I think video makes it much more like a real world interview. I will be here all day answering questions & taking feedback.
Kevin Mullett
Kevin Mullett@kmullett · Dir. of Visibility & SM, MarketSnare
I like it and I think this is a very efficient method of video Q&As, but maybe to the detriment of real-time engagement and conversation. What I mean is, it's efficient that you only streaming when an actual question is asked, but that means you don't have follow up conversation, nor do you create buzz around the room with people in the moment live. Dare I say, it is a bit of a stretch to call this live-streaming. I also would like for the question and answer video to show in the app, not just via the web version. After answering a question posed, I had to go to my Twitter account and click the link, which was an option, to go see the question and answer. It would be a lower barrier to participate if no Twitter authentication was required to ask a question, but that would likely result in spam. Maybe an option for that? Side note, you can't hashtag #Q&A because Twitter won't register the "&."
Shibendu Saha
Shibendu SahaMaker@shibendusaha · Founder, Q&A
@kmullett happy that you liked it & thanks for the feedback. I never intended to make another live streaming app (in fact I didn't mention the word live streaming anywhere in the app description). You can see your session under "My sessions" tab and also by switching the tab from "Featured" to "All" . If anyone have the app installed, they should be taken directly to your session inside the app.(Plese inform me if this is no the case) We currently don't support anonymous questions to reduce spam. but we are open to suggestions thanks for the tip. We are currently using the hashtag #QATime.
Prabhakar Undurthi
Prabhakar Undurthi@prabhakar_u · Founder & CEO, Tnumber
This is insanely great Idea. Q&A with videos.
Shibendu Saha
Shibendu SahaMaker@shibendusaha · Founder, Q&A
@prabhakar_u Thanks!
Nipun Gupta
Nipun Gupta@nipungupta · Veni. Vidi. VC. Podcast
Is this not available on US app store ?