The ultimate survival flashlight and multi-tool

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The Pyyros flashlight comes with three settings and six hour battery life when on the high settings and it also features a USB power pack that can be used to charge your smartphone. It can also be used to charge other USB devices. Pyyros, your ultimate flashlight and modular multi-tool.
  • Hovo Evans
    Hovo Evanstech geek and trendy stuff lover

    Durable, handy, sexy


    introduce a carbon version ^_^

    I used similar products, but with limited functionality. This is the next level!

    Hovo Evans has never used this product.
  • Pros: 

    The fire starter


    The beacon locator model is expensive

    Every man should have one in the house

    Arthur Manukian has never used this product.
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Johnny Mitchell
Johnny Mitchell@johnny_mitchell · Marketing Ninja
Hi Product Hunt! We are super excited to be on PH :) Thanks @chrismessina for hunting us! Feel free to share your thoughts and feedback on Pyyros :)
Arthur Manukian
Arthur Manukian@arthur_manukian
How does the locator work?
Johnny Mitchell
Johnny Mitchell@johnny_mitchell · Marketing Ninja
@arthur_manukian Thanks for your interest. We developed the second smallest dual band Personal Beacon Locator in the world! DUAL BAND 121.5MHz & 406MHzIt is 100% compliant with the international COSPAS - SARSAT standards. Thanks to the digital 406MHz satellite frequency, search + rescue teams can locate you in the case of an emergency - anywhere on the planet!
Alexandra Pernomina
Alexandra Pernomina@pernomina_alexandra · Passionate of new stuff
What is the durability of the battery??
Johnny Mitchell
Johnny Mitchell@johnny_mitchell · Marketing Ninja
@pernomina_alexandra With fully usage the battery life is 6 hours
Elena Zhizhimontova
Elena ZhizhimontovaPro@zelena · Co-Founder, TogethAR | Developer+Artist
Some nomadic essential here 😛
Caroline Sykes
Caroline Sykes@caroline_sykes
You'll love this @mane_gharibyan Looks cool!
Mané Karen
Mané Karen@mane_gharibyan · Growth Hacker
@caroline_sykes I want the black one
Naor Cohen
Naor CohenMaker@naor_cohen1
@caroline_sykes @mane_gharibyan Hello Caroline, you can get one on Kickstarter, our campaign is live.