The team communication app that helps get things done

Pyrus helps track tasks and automate business processes in a single app. It’s a place where conversations happen, decisions are made, and execution is seamless. With Pyrus, your team communication stays focused.
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Hey Product Hunt, Pyrus founder here. Thanks @bramk for hunting us! Our goal is to create the general-purpose work communication tool for a post-Asana, post-spreadsheets world. In most companies every department uses different software to track work. When an issue involves multiple departments, everyone falls back to email as group chats get over-flooded. And even despite recent breakthroughs in team messaging, email usage still grows faster than the earth’s population. But what if the whole company ran on a single platform that is: • as easy to use as email and Slack • powerful enough to build apps • fully customizable - no coding required That’s Pyrus. We started with blending task management and communication into one single app, then added custom-built forms and flexible routing capabilities. If MS Excel is the no-coding tool for creating interactive models, then Pyrus is the Excel for workflows. We give everyone the superpower of transforming their business processes into digital form in minutes. There is a great tradition of founders giving back to this community. Today, we decided to go beyond the Product Hunt users and made Pyrus free for 3 months to everyone who signs up in April 2020. Thanks for the up-vote. Don't forget to download the Pyrus mobile app (it works offline and seamlessly syncs in the background). Stay safe! Max Founder, Pyrus
Hello guys, I am the Product Designer of Pyrus. Would love to hear your first impressions about your experience with us! :)
Cool product! I like the simple interface and the Kanban board. Reminds me of Trello. Or are you better than them? 🙂
@ellekalashkova Thanks for the feedback! Pyrus is a communication tool, first and foremost. It structures your conversations around tasks, makes them focused, accountable, and to-the-point. On top of that, there is a workflow engine that requires no coding to set up.
why would one need it? there are workday, salesforce, other tools
@ulyana_nekrasova Thanks for the question! Unlike enterprise software, Pyrus is built around communication. One can easily @ mention colleagues in any task/issue of any business process. From the TCO standpoint, Pyrus is easier to scale with literally no coding required. Anyone can build an app and have it running within minutes.
Cool - it's been a while since I trialed your product. Seems to have undergone some large shifts and I'm looking forward to trying it again. Well done!
@mark_gits_sf Thanks, we rethought the whole product. Do you aim to use Pyrus for task management or building workflows?