World’s first currency for creators

Pyrite is the World’s First Cryptocurrency for Creators.

Earn Pye by publishing your original content.

You create value online with every blog post you write. Now with the power of the blockchain and cryptocurrency, you can get rewarded instantly for all your online contributions.

Publish your blog posts through Pyrite to earn Pye

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this concept makes no sense. people will only contribute if they believe that Pyrite has value. Why would they contribute for Pyrite when they can contribute elsewhere and in return get cryptocurrencies with a much wider outreach, better userbase, better development community, etc. Content creation platforms already exist. Cryptocurrency already exists. By combining the two this is not a novel idea, but rather a locked down version of both ideas, making it more impractible on both accounts.
This is super interesting :)
@findabhilash Look forward to feedback when we launch :)
What gives Pye value? (How many pye are you making) You are aware of ? Will you be adding this to other writing platforms?
@giannidalerta 1. It's currently backed by the content being created by content creators. But we intend to build this into a marketplace model where app developers can build anything they want on top of the data. The blockchain will have access rules that would make it possible for developers to pass the earnings back to us and we in turn will pay a part of it back to the creators. It's still early days, we want to figure the right way along with the community and decide what's the best way forward. 2. How many pye -> We will release this info soon. Still early days. The blockchain details are being worked out by the team. 3. Steemit is a destination website for consumers to access. We are planning to make this an open database on top of which anyone can build. Even steemit may pull content from Pyrite in the future. 4. We'll be adding writing platforms, video platforms, audio, images etc. We want to make sure we build the Pyrite network such that it has original content and hence we're releasing platforms slowly.
@nischalshetty 3. Steemit is actually the interface to the coin. There are already versions of the interface that look like twitter, facebook and even traditional forums. So this is just a marketing landing page. No meat. :( You might been best served being hunted in the future.
@giannidalerta We're building Pyrite with only content creators in mind and how to monetize their content such that the value is transferred back to them. Through Pyrite we can send the content anywhere, provided the earnings from the content comes back to Pyrite so that the creator is rewarded their share.
Isn't pyrite 'fools gold'? Feels like this was hunted a little early…