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One click directions to the places you visit most

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@Rdsage @MIKE-E_G : this is a nice looking app. What made you want to create this?
@_jacksmith I do construction management an am on the road a lot. Like everybody I have particular places I choose to eat at for lunch. So everyday I would have to pull over on the side of the road, open google maps, and type search the same restaurant chain. This is when I came up with the idea to save my favorite restaurants or places in a list that can be instantly clicked to navigate. Now I have about 30 different places I frequent saved in the app. If I am traveling out of town or in an unfamiliar area I can just click and go!
so an app to give me driving directions to the places that I already go to - and likely know how to get to? I feel like I must be missing something obvious about this idea.
@paulprins If I understand correctly, it's 1 touch directions from wherever you may be. e.g. if I'm in a different part of town, it's most likely that I want directions to my home address, or my work address etc. so this puts them just one touch away
@_jacksmith @paulprins basically takes a couple steps out of google maps. Say for example I am out of town and want to eat chipotle. I click chipotle (which is one of my pyns), see the closest locations, and click to navigate. No type searching, just quick easy navigation
This is also available on iOS - Thanks so much for the support!