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pymetrics puts potential over pedigree. Using neuroscience + AI, pymetrics matches candidates to jobs and companies where they'll perform at the highest levels. Our proven neuroscience games assess the cognitive and emotional strengths of candidates, and our machine learning algorithms match them to their ideal jobs.

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reminded me of The Muse - curious to hear what you think @kmin cc @sharasenderoff
@nnj First, props to you for working to tackle an insanely broken hiring process. :) I completely agree - we need to understand much more about an individual to determine their place/fit/ability to succeed within an organization. Utilizing cognitive psychology is critical - the question is how do you integrate it into an HR process that varies across every industry? Are the @pymetrics games geared more toward entry-level employees over a range of industries? With each industry looking at an array of skills/culture/personality traits from varying perspectives, how do you create games that deliver the right results for each hiring entity? Some questions: 1. What is the revenue model? 2. Where does this enter the HR process? Before or after an resume is viewed/parsed? Somewhere else? Reminds me of Who are your other competitors? CC @eriktorenberg
@sharasenderoff Hey Shara! Thanks! And thanks for the good questions as well! So integrating our games across industries is actually quite straightforward: we use similar games for each industry. What changes with industry are the results of those games. Even within the same industry we'll see differences: in finance, for example, an analyst will be different from a trader. Once we have a certain number of people from an industry play games, we do some machine learning magic to place potential candidates into those industries. We don't disclose details on our revenue model publicly at this point (company secrets and all), but if you would like to chat further, drop us a line!
Naveed chiming in, engineer here @pymetrics Thanks so much for the mention! I'm more than happy to answer any questions you may have about who we are and what we do
@nnj Hey Naveed! 1) Can you tell us more about how it works 2) What encouraged you to build it? 3) What's are you thinking about this from a business perspective?
@eriktorenberg Hey Erik! So to answer you questions: 1) Think LinkedIn meets OkCupid -- dating for industry. We run a marketplace that matches candidates with jobs at companies. Our games assess cognitive and emotional traits to build your profile. Your profile is then matched to that of an aggregate profile of successful employees in a position at a company. Many people hear "games" and become skeptical, thinking "How accurate can games really be?" Turns out, very accurate. These games are founded in neuroscience. Most of us here actually studied neuroscience (myself included). 2) Our CEO, Frida Polli, being a career switcher herself, really just wanted to create a better tool to help students and job-candidates find their "dream job" more efficiently. Less time spent finding a job that fits who you are, and more time happily working at a company that aligns with who you are and what you want. 3) We built a marketplace to address one of the biggest problems HR departments have: finding and hiring good candidates. Many companies spend thousands upon thousands (often in the hundreds of thousands) of dollars just to recruit and hire a single employee. Furthermore, the job postings on their own sites are notorious for being black holes -- rarely do you get a response from a company unless you're referred by someone on the inside. Our marketplace alleviates these problems by giving companies candidates that are great fits -- behaviorally, culturally, emotionally. So businesses are happy that they get a pre-screened list of candidates that are a great fit for their company, and job-seekers are happy that they don't have to deal with the frustration and anxiety of sending out hundreds of cover letters without receiving responses.
@nnj love it :) will def be following closely!

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