Your own private PyPI

Host private Python packages with all the convenience of PyPI, without having to manage your own server. Distribute packages anywhere with unlimited API keys and fine access control. Integrates with PyPI and common Python tools like pip.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
Packaging has always been a pain point of using Python, especially when you're building an entire backend infrastructure in it. I've lived this pain, and I built PyDist to be the package index I wish had existed at the time.
Easy to use and works as advertised. It's very much worth using this over maintaining your own PyPI.
great idea, congrats
PyDist gives my organization complete control over the distribution of our python packages. The maker and maintainer of this product is responsive and open to product enhancements. For example, we requested a restricted whitelist for read-only keys and this feature was implemented within a day or two. I highly recommend this easy-to-use and effective product.
This looks great. Lovely to see it!