Learn anything on your phone πŸ“± from Swift to Astrophysics πŸš€

Py is a skill-based education app that teaches topics like app development, building websites and data science with a focus on programming. Learn in-demand skills like app development and data science right on your phone!

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Hey everyone! I'm Will, founder of Py. Py is a way to learn on your phone that focuses on interactivity and responsiveness. Py figures out what concepts you're weak in and asks you to review them. It keeps you engaged by tracking your progress, letting you earn points, and level up. We've been fortunate enough to build the content with professors, engineers, and research scientists from Google, Facebook, Yale, and NASA. Here's a highlight of features: - Run code, try different values and ace quizzes. - Awesome equation rendering - Lessons in a social feed - Tracks your progress We thought it would be fun to build a simple and useful app that can help you learn whatever skill you want to master. Hopefully Py will become the first thing you look at whenever you want to learn something :) We're super excited to be launching on Product Hunt and can't wait to hear everyone's feedback.
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@will_tennien_murphy Really looking forward to trying this out! Just downloaded. :)
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@jakerockland Thanks Jake :) really appreciate it
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Just downloaded. Looks great @will_tennien_murphy !
@will_tennien_murphy I want an app like this but to populate with our own content for the organization and partners. Any recommendations on apps that do this?
@jonathanhursh Hey Jonathan thanks for the comment! We're thinking about creating a separate app for company onboarding, etc. but this is definitely still in the idea stage.
Gave this a try last week--pretty shocking amount of content on here. I found myself coming back to the Swift tutorial just to familiarize myself with the syntax, and I finished the course in a bunch of five minute chunks. I like the simplicity of it. Short cards, each with its own razor-sharp lesson. Easy to jump in for short burst of learning. Good job, guys!
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@graham_kaemmer So awesome to hear. Thanks a ton Graham! 😁
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This is by far the best educational app on app store. Beautifully made and with a variety of content. Thank you for making this!
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@saneeshsukumar We really appreciate that! Thanks!
@parkerrex really appreciate that :)
Looks beautiful, is there an android version planned.
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@findabhilash Thanks Abhilash! We are well underway with development of an Android version. You can submit your email to our email list so you'll be notified as soon as it's ready!
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Py looks like an awesome way to learn new topics - congrats on the launch, team! πŸ’Œ
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@foolywk Thanks so much for saying that Brandon. Means a lot :)