Manage all your passwords with ease πŸ”

PwdSafe, is a secure, convenient and free password manager.

It it different, because it is web software as it should be:

- You remain anonymous (Only email is required)

- No lock-in: you can export your data

- No spam like newsletters, reminders, marketing etc.

- No third parties (social media buttons), just opt-out analytics to improve the site

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How is this different / better to Lastpass / 1Password / Keepass (with addons for browsers etc)?
@chaoscreater One advantage is that you do not need to install a software on each of your devices, nor do you need to take care that the software is updated regularly. You also do not need to care about synchronizing data between your devices either (this is an issue with Keepass) , the data is always fresh.
Well, PwdSafe is not new, I run it since 2014. As you can read in the description, I set value on running a service which behaves and focuses on security, ease of use and speed and not on marketing, newsletters, social media integration or tracking cookies.The reasons are that often this kind of stuff does not play nice with security and my personal dislike of the annoying marketing campaigns and user tracking efforts of other web based services.
Keeweb has the same functionality