Turn your selfies into a puzzle and dazzle your friends

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Milton Moura
Milton MouraMaker@mgcm · iOS Engineer
Like other photo and selfie sharing apps, Puzzly adds a fun and engaging twist to sharing by scrambling the original image into a sliding squares puzzle and sending hidden messages that can only be read when the puzzle is solved by the user's followers. Features: * Quickly snap a selfie of you or your friends and choose from increasing levels of difficulty * Choose from 3x3 up to 6x6 puzzle grids * Share your puzzle with the world and leave hidden messages for others to find out * Hidden messages only appear when the solution for your puzzle is found * We record how many moves you make and how long it takes you to solve a puzzle. We use this to build leaderboard rankings for each puzzle * Be the fastest amongst your friends and aim for the top of the leaderboards * Puzzly uses Facebook to setup your account and automatically imports your friends, so you can follow them and start sharing puzzles right away * Keep track of what your friends are doing and discover new puzzles by checking out your timeline and your friends' profile activity
Rehat Kathuria
Rehat Kathuria@rehatkat · iOS Developer
André the Giant
André the Giant@superdealloc · Chief Bacon Officer, Publitas.com
@itskathuria #selfie #yolo #swag2015 #nofilter
Milton Moura
Milton MouraMaker@mgcm · iOS Engineer
@itskathuria glad to see you're excited! :) any additional comments or suggestions? we would love to get your feedback!
Taylor Edmiston
Taylor EdmistonHiring@kicksopenminds · Senior Software Engineer
Such puzzling. Much selfie. (Real question: What made you want to build Puzzly?)
Milton Moura
Milton MouraMaker@mgcm · iOS Engineer
@kicksopenminds Puzzly is published by Tetrapi, an education-oriented company that I work with. They developed the concept, I designed and implemented the app. Besides the obvious technical challenge, I believe there is interest in such a concept, as our early users seem to confirm.