Puzzle Swap

A calming game where you switch tiles to reveal an image

Puzzle Swap is a game where the main goal is to complete the puzzles by swapping the tiles, offering 3 levels of difficulty to cover multiple challenges.
The puzzle images are divided in 9 categories, all of them unlockable with gorgeous content.
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Good thing
@khoo_adam Thank you! I appreciate it :)
Hey everyone! I'm the developer of Puzzle Swap and I´m looking for any kind of feedback, gameplay, design, color code, etc, since I´m the only one so far working on it I´ve been working for some months, so it is nice to have a view from the outside. The game is free, but it contains some categories that can be unlock by completing puzzles (the idea is to continue adding more), as a way to engage people. Ive been looking for a while the other puzzle apps and it seems that they offer all the puzzles from the beginning, so I wanted to change on that. Thanks for the feature! Feel free to ask anything :)