A simple workout tracker

A super-simple and minimal workout web app that will guide you through a push up workout. No goals, no stress, just a steady progress in maintaining a good form.
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Love the design!!
@sandochee Thank you very much, I did enjoyed making it! :)
Ok, so I know there are tons of workout apps out there. I couldn't find anything that would suit my needs. I don't need all those graphs, statistics and competition. I just need an app that will guide me through my daily workout to maintain a steady form. This is doing exactly this. You run it, you do the push ups. You are done. You don't even have to log in as it saves the data directly in the browser (although I am aware of the negative consequences that this implicates). Works as a portable web app, so you can add this to your home screen on a smartphone and run it quickly whenever you need.
Really nice. Are you going to introduce other exercises? Like crunches or something?
@alesas Thanks! This will stay simple. There is a small roadmap: https://github.com/z-x/pushu.ps/... but I did not planned to go commercial with this, so it will always stay just a simple push ups app. I will probably clone this for situps and squats though as those are two things I train as well.
Neat! What'd you use to build this? How did you decide on the reps and sets?
@betterproductco Thank you. I build this using Svelte and I like it so much that I don't plan to go back to React or Vue. I'm doing Svelte only for now. The sources are open at GitHub: https://github.com/z-x/pushu.ps What pushed me to build this was an old app for iOS. The app was abandoned around 2016 when Apple released iOS6. It was also super simple and focused only on doing push ups. The training itself is a mix of the training they had and my own experience through the years as I train for a while now. But this training with some varieties is quite popular on YouTube and sites like hundredpushups.com If I'd had all the time in the world, I would probably build the training in more personalized way using machine learning. That would be the end goal for this thing.
Wow, I love the design and animation. I think most people using web technology to make simple apps really don’t strive to make an experience that feels finished, that feels solid, that feels satisfying just to interact with, but this is those things. Way to go!
@murphy_randle Thank you very much! I believe this is because it usually requires a good cooperation of a designer and developer and those things take both - money and time. This simple app took me 2,5 week of work for 10h daily. And sice I am a designer and developer I could spare this time without making money. Most of the small projects don't have that luxury.
@lukasz_krysiewicz great job putting it together. Do you feel like Svelte’s built-in animation libraries made it significantly faster for you to get done?
@murphy_randle The build in animations are IMO a good place to start, but most of will want to tweak those to our needs either way. I used only 'fade' I believe. But the simplicity of making custom animations using CSS is pure gold in Svelte, so the animation engine is making those a lot easier.